Tewksbury Sports Club offers Large Group Personal Training taught by the area’s best Exercise Physiologists. These large group specialized training’s include Classic Summer Outdoor Bootcamp, “Bad Knee” Bootcamp, TRX Training, College Summer Break Bootcamp, Beginner Yoga Workshop, HIIT Training, Tabata, Mobility Class, Combat Conditioning and More!!! All these in addition to our second to none 1 on 1 and small group personal training programs.

These extraordinary large group training programs include:

  • Classic Summer Outdoor Bootcamp
  • “Bad Knee” Bootcamp
  • TRX Training
  • College Summer Break Bootcamp
  • Beginner Yoga Workshop
  • HIIT Training
  • Tabata
  • Mobility Class
  • Combat Conditioning
  • And MORE!!!

Classic Summer Outdoor Bootcamp – When the weather gets warm, we “take it outside.” High intensity cardio and and strength intervals, sprinkled with the occasional tire flipping and car pushing. This ain’t your Grandma’s step class. If you loved Tread Shred, you’ll love this class.

“Bad Knee” Bootcamp – The low-impact, no squat version of summer bootcamp that keeps your body working and your knees happy. Trust me, you can get a safe and EFFECTIVE solid workout with bad knees, so stop letting an old injury hold you back! ALL LEVELS

TRX – A workout on suspension trainers keeps your core engaged while your whole body gets a workout. Perfect for honing balance and strengthening your weak areas for your most bulletproof body yet. Can be modified for ALL LEVELS.

College Summer Break Bootcamp: College discounts are AWESOME. But beer bellys and late-night pizza … not so awesome for your body. Use your summer break for reconnecting with old friends and GETTING BACK IN SHAPE for fall. Because nothing says “a summer well-spent” like feeling fit and confident on the first day of school. (End of May – August). Includes meal plans and tips for eating right on a budget. (DISCOUNT WITH COLLEGE ID)

Beginner Yoga Workshop: If you walk into a yoga class and are completely clueless, or stare at the yoga instructor with “You want me to do WHAT with my foot?” eyes, my class is going to be awesome for you. You can laugh, you can ask questions, and you can finally learn what the hell a chaturanga is. Expect to fall in love with yoga … or at least warm up to the idea of bringing more flexibility into your regimen.

HIIT: A high intensity class focused on keeping the heart rate up through functional resistance training and calisthenics keeping your metabolism going well after the workout is completed. All fitness levels welcome.

Tabata: Unique style of high intensity interval training focused on short duration intervals to maximize the  metabolic effect of the workout.

Mobility Class: Movement based class focusing on improving your: usable ranges of motion, quality of movement, posture, quality of daily activities, eliminate “tight” areas, resolve pain issues, reduce risk of injury, and most importantly… FEEL GREAT!!!

Combat Conditioning: A group training class based on learning the fundamentals of of boxing. Each class will focus on basic technique including punch combinations, defensive movements, footwork and counter punching. Participants will learn proper form and be able to train just like a pro fighter. Included will be boxing conditioning techniques, shadow boxing, functional jump rope, medicine ball drills, hand-eye coordination training and LOTS of ab/core training!